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Hello! Derek Lauber, Founder of Lightbox Leadership here. Thank you for checking out my blog posts. I'm no longer publishing new posts, training and resources here on LightboxLeadership.com, but rather on DerekLauber.com. So if you're looking for resources to help you transform from an everyday entrepreneur, business owner or business leader into a high achiever with a high performing business, please visit DerekLauber.com for additional blog posts, training videos and resources. … [Read more...]

I Know You’re Tough But Seriously, You Need to Ditch the Stress

Manage Stress

Are you letting stress suck the life out of you? As a business owner, you're in a constant state of managing your stress. You need just enough to perform optimally, but no so much that you're pulling your hair out cursing at anyone who crosses your path. As you know, it's a delicate balancing act to stay adequately keyed up to meet the never ending demands of your business without letting those demands overwhelm you and bring you down. Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It's a reaction to an external or internal event, which disturbs your physical or mental equilibrium. These events can range from an argument with a vendor, meeting a crucial deadline, … [Read more...]

How to Take Charge of Your Time: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know


As a small business owner your time is your most valuable asset, but do you know exactly where it’s going? Do you know how much of your time is spent on the activities that directly produce the results you want for your business? Are you aware of how may hours are otherwise consumed by dealing with vendors, meetings, employees, paperwork, email and business drama? If you are like I was, you don’t and it’s costing you. Many small business owners simply don’t understand what their time and productivity means to their business. Even though you and your team are busy, you may be misaligned, not doing exactly what you should be doing to generate the highest profits for the business. The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

The Boogeyman is Not Real: 6 Steps to Overcome Fear


Have you ever let a fear hold you back from taking a risk or action that you knew deep down would help you? Have you ever avoided an important conversation or turned down an opportunity that could have improved your life all because you felt that little pang of panic, anxiety or fear? I know I sure have. Like you, I’ve let fear hold me back from taking bold actions that would've propelled me forward. I'm a pretty outgoing guy, but there was a time when public speaking petrified me. I was more than happy to avoid the spotlight of the stage, but it was starting to hurt my business and my confidence. I had to do something. I had to figure out away to deal with this irrational fear. So I read book and blogs. I watched … [Read more...]

Damn Right You’re a Born Leader! Stop Screwing Around and Take Charge

5 Principles to Lead A Bigger LIfe

I gotta question for ya... Do you believe leaders are born or are they made? Way too many articles, blogs and books have been written about leaders being born vs. made and frankly I've grown really tired of them, because the question isn't black or white. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. We believe that leaders are born and made. You were born with every inherent gift to be a great leader, but your becoming a leader depends on your drive to develop your unique leadership qualities and to learn some that may not be so natural to you. Being born with great leadership traits and deciding not develop or act on those qualities doesn't make you a better leader. After working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Nature to Improve Your Personal Leadership

5 Ways Nature Will Increase Your Performance and Resiliency

I’ve always been a hiker, biker, skier and explorer and have been fortunate to reap the benefits of communing with nature. With Earth Day, I was reminded how my time in nature has positively shaped my leadership and life. I was also reminded of the importance of taking care of our planet so nature can continue to serve as a restorer of my wellness, a reliever of my stress, and a doorway to my greater awareness and creativity. Restore energy I’ve written a lot about the importance of goals, vision, values, mission, and pushing your limits to become a better leader and to achieve what you want in life. While those are all key drivers to lead a bigger life, they are also areas where you must expend energy. And where energy is spent, it … [Read more...]